Podcorn Podcorn Podomatic 2020 Partner Monetization Blog Post

The partnership between Podomatic and Podcorn guarantees the highest level of income for podcasters by returning 100% of Podomatic commissions to podcasters.

Podcorn connects you with advertisers who know that a small number of participating audiences are just as valuable as a large audience.

  • Make money —— From host reading ads and brand interviews to custom content integration, if you have a podcast, you can make money from brand sponsorship.
  • Connect brands easily—— Podcorn makes it easy for you to find and secure sponsors for your unique show. You have complete control over your sponsors, rates, creative format and schedule!
  • Charge what you want —— You own your podcast The cost is up to you! Podcorn charges each brand immediately after hiring to ensure that you always get paid on time. If you need pricing guidance, Popcorn can help.
  • One-stop management of all content—— From connection and communication, to event tracking and cross-platform distribution, we provide an integrated dashboard for brands and podcasts that can simplify and expand all mobile parts of podcast sponsorship.

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