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Managing your media is now easier than ever

2021 is a busy year for Podomatic! We have been working hard to release updates on everything from statistics and navigation to publishing UI, settings and more. These updates and reconstructions are all done for one goal; Make podcasting easier.

Our latest update to your media library achieves this goal. We know that managing published and unpublished media is critical to your workflow and the success of your podcast. We even added features to help avoid misidentification and republishing of files.Providing you with ways to avoid common mistakes greatly improves the consistency and professionalism of podcasts, and That is our job.

main feature

  • New look and layout Allows you to easily view and navigate your media library
  • Preview your file Press the play button next to the file to play it!
  • status Let you know if the file has been published.Easily avoid deleting published files or publishing twice
  • Manage your video podcasts Your video podcast episodes are stored here. All video episodes are played as videos on Podomatic and any streaming media platform that supports video. If the platform does not support video, your episode will only be played as audio. No need for 2 versions!
  • Photo It is a place where cover art and drama art are stored.Easily view their status, edit, upload, crop or delete directly from your media library

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