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In the Podomatic series this week, we focus on music lovers and what we can all do to help companies survive these unique eras in history.

Since 2013, Chicago-based NightClub UNDERGROUND has been podcasting DJ sets and mixes produced by talents performing at the venue.
UNDERGROUND’s podcast is not only used to promote the club, but also has a strong lineup; it also records and preserves its history. You are left with hours of pumping the mixture to help you get through the isolation period. Like any company that relies on public attendance, UNDERGROUND is looking for new ways to raise enough funds to support their employees and reopen in the near future.

please Visit their website Understand how
In the meantime, you may be able to support UNDERGROUND.

When, how and why
Have you started podcasting?

We have long felt that Podcast channels and communication methods will develop rapidly, but more importantly, we believe in our brand and our partners from the perspective of music. We believe and still believe that we have a great music product, and we want to share it! !

Describe some of the difficulties you encountered during the closure of COVID, your current fundraising efforts and how people are involved.

Well, I think it will be difficult for everyone currently trying to raise cash. This not only affects our hotel industry, but also affects all industries around the world. If they want to help, we provide some great purchase options for people on our website. We believe that it is important to provide some discounts and options instead of just asking for donations.

Advice for people who have not yet followed the record?

Podcasts will continue to grow in terms of communication channels. If you have something you love or believe that others will love, then you should be involved! !

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