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(Last updated on June 17, 2020). June is Pride Month, a month-long celebration of all things LGBTQ and human and civil rights. So, how should we celebrate this occasion? By highlighting the 10 most interesting and exciting LGBTQ podcasts and podcasts, those who are committed to supporting LGBTQ rights and highlighting issues that still affect society today. From easy to downright X-rated, these are LGBT podcasts you should listen to, gems that you may have missed but are totally worthy of your attention.If you were obsessed with famous LGBT podcasts, such as Nancy or read This is the perfect list for you, you just need to choose and listen.

1. Horoscope grilled

The signs of the zodiac and all things have a moment now Astrology Baked It’s the situation where you fix 12 signs every week. But why does this special podcast hold a special place in our hearts? Because you can hear the love between your friend Keren and Etai-and it’s very contagious. More importantly, they not only talk about celebrities, but also popular culture, LGBTQ topics, and so on.View Their great Instagram account Feel what they mean.

Featured Series: The Big Roast

In-depth understanding of the 12 signs and the four elements described in the plotMost roasted‘.This is the perfect episode to start your listening journey with this pair, listening to their process of separating each constellation and its most annoying characteristics

2. Cheers and queer

Want a podcast on Friday or Saturday night? You found it!This lively queer podcast invites you to plug in, pour a drink, and join The best podcast in townIsake Smith and Kirya Traber discussed everything literally, from capitalism to gender and non-monogamy.

Collection: Black Femme Magic IRL

Our selection of episodes has an obvious witchcraft atmosphere. The ritual, magic and tarot reading between Kirya and Isake are the focus of this episode, and there are some very important gin cocktail recipes! Special guest, model and artist Lorelei Black also joined the duo’s chat.

3. Late lesbian

This Late lesbian The podcast is about a former Mormon gay girl trying to figure out life. Hosts Mary and Shelly tackled religious trauma and LGBTQ issues in their later years, while laughing in the weekly podcast.

Featured collection: Pure culture can suck it!

In this episode, Interview with Linda Kay Klein, Author Pure: in the evangelical movement that shamed a generation of young women and how I got out of trouble. We chose this particular interview because it is a fascinating episode and should not be missed.

4. On the latch

Format On the latch It is 7 gay men who talk about everything and no forbidden topics. This gay talk show style podcast broadcasts an episode every Tuesday. Listening to it, you will feel that you are hanging out with your most interesting friends in a bar in London.

Collection: 20gayteen Comments

Due to unprecedented times, the organizers decided to launch a brand New emergency season Podcasts, called Quarantine Season.

5. RuPaul’s drag racing RHAP-Up

If you don’t know RuPaul’s Drag Race then, frankly, where have you been? ! As one of the first queer TV shows to enter pop culture, it has now been broadcast for ten years and is broadcast all over the world.This RHAP-up, Provide you with all the extra information you want to know about each episode.

Collection: RuPaul’s Drag Racing Season 12 | Finale and Reunion

Season 12 is over and All-Star Season 5 has just begun, so why not listen to all the tea fans. In this episode, Listeners can fully understand RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 ending, reunion and all three virtual lip-synching.

6. Difficult to swallow

Emery Lavell J is the host of this black LGBTQ podcast, where he discusses all the topics he has marked.Hard to swallow‘. There are hot topics, relationship suggestions, sex, etc.-all of which carry a warm narration that makes you love him and makes you want to hear more.

Featured Collection: Blister

plot blister Named after the troublesome relationship between black sisters (heterosexual women) and black gay men-a supportive but difficult relationship. In addition, Emery looks at the current more pressing issues in the LGBTQ community.

7. Live an active sex life

What is sexual freedom and freedom through education and knowledge Lead an active sex life It’s all about. Sex is always the center of this podcast, but the topic ranges from all the positives and negatives contained in sex.

Featured Collection: Agree to College

An extremely difficult topic is currently being widely discussed in the media: sexual consent.Host Angelique and Ignatius Discuss their ideas Topics after attending relevant seminars.

8. LGBT chat

Every week host Aida Ramirez invites various LGBTQA friends and allies to join LGBT chat Share stories and anecdotes with the community.

Collection: In the absence of ignorance

In this episode, hosts Angel and Aida talk to friend Tammy about her unpleasant experience while trying to resolve urgent care billing issues.This Spark discussion Regarding the differences and discrimination that individuals in the LGBT community ultimately face every day.

9. That Lil Gay talk show!

A gay podcast, it sounds a lot like any other podcast, but the difference is that it comes from Houston, Texas. Host Jon Tatum talked about everything, from politics and movies to cultural content, but all from the perspective of gay men.

Featured Collection: Queer, Trouble and Confusion

In this episode, like many of his episodes, Joel talks about his Hobbies, cooking and the new normal.

10. A Feast of Joy: Gay Talk Show

Feast of joy Conversations with legendary LGBTQ+ characters, comedians, pop culture and politics, with a delicious coating of camp candies.Hosts Marc Felion and Fausta Fernós, together with very wild LGBTQ people and their friends, completed thousands of shows and solved Such as: Is Sasquatch a drag queen? How many licks does it take to reach the center of Tootsie Roll Pop? (Smash the damn lollipop like an owl.)

Featured: Alaska Thunderfuck and Sharknado battle

Tick ​​Tick Tick, you are being watched by a shark…! If you think Drag Race All-Stars is a dangerous tornado, please wait until you catch up to Alaska Thunderfuck in The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time. In this episode, Alaska talk Become part of The Last Sharknado movie and her thoughts on the daughter of Marina Sirtis who played Star Trek in the movie.

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You have it, podcasts celebrate LGBTQ culture to the same extent, investigate important issues, and are provocative. (This blog post was originally published in 2019, updated in 2020)

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