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Above: Cheese made from something that doesn’t sound very tasty. Learn more in the podcast news section below.

Podcast News-Using Blue Wire

WR1 and Chris Carter

exist blue lineLimited series WR1 Provided by WynnBet, the legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter interviewed the legendary WR location and the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this location so unique because so many personalities and stories come from outside the hashtag. Guests include Julian Edelman, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Calvin Johnson and more.

capital The 100th episode has been released today. In each episode, a world-class professor talks about how their favorite book changes the world forever, and composes a fascinating 30-minute story. Today’s show is all about Hamlet. (Drama, not cigar).
Game face

Linktree launched their second podcast Game face, Focusing on how college athletes build their brand in the new reality of name, image, and portrait opportunities. The first guest was Chloe Mitchell, reportedly the first student athlete to profit from the NIL rules. —— read more
Turning point

Diana Chan, the winner of the Australian reality show MasterChef, launched Turning pointThe show delves into the creative thinking of influential people and reveals how they can succeed by turning their enthusiasm into reality. It is produced by DM Podcasts. —— read more
The ugly duckling in Italian cuisine-Scarrafoni from Cucina

Italian cuisine-not only pasta and pizza, but also Casu Martzu, a cheese full of maggots; and Sanguinaccio, a dessert made with blood. good to eat! The ugly duckling in Italian cuisine-Scarrafoni from Cucina It’s a brand new bilingual podcast from SBS, which covers local foods that don’t often appear on Instagram. Listen to all episodes in Italian and English and learn about Italian cuisine like never before. —— read more

wildcat It is an independent documentary podcast, sharing stories about the protection of wild cats from all over the world. As Tiger King roars on Netflix for Season 2, the latest episode features Leif Cocks from the International Tiger Project telling the real-life challenges of protecting Sumatran tigers and what you can do at home to help save them. The podcast is hosted by Andy Varvel.
Green eggs and Dan

Just in time for Thanksgiving in the United States, Green eggs and Dan A mini-series called History Bites is running. Why eat turkey on Thanksgiving? Did you know that salt is so precious that it was once used as currency, and this is where we got the word SALary? Is Cheetos a by-product of World War II? This comedy/history podcast will tell you.

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