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Promoting your podcast can be very difficult. Sharing time with multiple networks takes time, and the time you spend sharing increases the cost and workflow of producing high-quality podcasts.

If you missed my last article on promoting your podcast Promote your podcast on LinkedIn to build authority You should check it. It discusses how to use the power of LinkedIn to attract more listeners and build more followers.

If you can get your podcast audience to start promoting your show, or make it easy for them to share, they will be tempted to share your podcast with friends and family, which will be amazing.The good news is speaker The player has built-in social sharing features in embeddable widgets, which you can use on your own website, making the process of sharing your podcasts seamless.

One advantage of using the Spreaker player is that when users share your podcast to Twitter via an embeddable widget, you will see a Twitter card, as shown in the image below. Twitter Card improves the user experience by allowing your listeners to use your podcast directly in the Twitter stream.

Speaker sharingThe player is fully functional and will not disrupt the user experience, making them more likely to listen to and share your podcast directly from Twitter, thereby exposing your show to more potential listeners.

In the video tutorial below, I will guide you step by step through the process, learn how to effectively share your episodes and encourage your audience to do the same.

After watching the video, go to your website and add one of the Spreaker player widgets. Then come back to this article and comment on the differences you see in audience consumption and sharing of your podcast.

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