Research shows that advertisers are underinvesting in audio

“Regarding programmatic advertising in podcasts, nonsense is indiscriminate. To be honest, many podcast advertising technology players have not provided help either. They sneer at the reality faced by savvy buyers. But by examining these realities and meeting in the middle , Everyone will win.” -Brian Barletta In the latest Sounds Profitable, And Magellan artificial intelligence.

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  • Last year, a survey of podcast editors found that the average charge for podcast editors was $133 per episode. But what will happen this year? If you are an editor, You are invited to complete the survey.

  • Spotify highlights their list of French podcasts in the third quarter of 21There are 13 upcoming podcasts, which Spotify calls “the country’s first video podcast.”

  • Amaze Media Labs expands its sports podcast network divisionThe company launched two new podcast networks-The Pigskin Podcast Network (covering NFL, college football, football betting and fantasy football) and The Basketball Podcast Network.

  • SiriusXM launched a Marvel channel on Apple Podcast subscription, Paid programs Includes Spanish version of Wolverine, Documentary series and new titles.

  • Ambies is open for admission -There are two new categories: the new category of Best Children’s Podcast and Best Independent Podcast. You have to go to the beginning of December.

  • AES, Audio Engineering Society, Has published recommendations for the loudness level of podcastsFor speech, the paper recommends -18 LUFS; however, this is better than Apple, Spotify or Google recommend.

  • Steve Perrault already Hired as a senior producer of MLB content Provided by Audacy’s 2400Sports podcast studio. He joined from Barstool Sports.

  • Corey Colesa Yes Veritonic’s new Chief Revenue Officer. She joined from ART19.

  • Spotify published a technical paper on its search engine: Emphasize that music search is very different from podcast search. According to the study, users “spend more time typing and rewriting queries to find podcasts” than music.

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