Significant changes have taken place on International Podcast Day

If you missed it, International Podcast Day Tweet: “#InternationalPodcastDay team announcement. We will make some major changes this year, and hope our excellent community will know about it soon. Take a look [arrow pointing down emoji] #podcast #podcasting”. This tweet was published on July 19, 2021.

This tweet includes a screenshot of the text, which read:

“Since 2014, the International Podcast Day team has been dedicated to showcasing independent podcasters from all over the world and to raise awareness of the evolving industry. For the past seven years, with the help of our dedicated community and sponsors , We’ve broadcast live broadcasts from nearly 100 countries/regions for more than 200 hours and have 350 podcasts. From day one, we have been committed to creating a lively celebration where the podcast industry can unite. There is no doubt that our community The International Podcast Day has been organically developed into a much larger event than we thought. Every year, countless parties, special releases and live concerts all over the world ring on the day of celebration. The creativity of the community is spectacular and inspiring .

“Looking forward, the International Podcast Day team will no longer create live events. We decided to stand aside and enjoy the day of celebration like everyone else. But don’t worry, the team will not disappear. We will celebrate the community like every year and will continue Manage our social media channels. Thank you to everyone, podcast listeners, podcasters and audio enthusiasts who helped make the past seven years possible. Please continue to find unique and creative ways to celebrate this day. When we return to celebrating While sharing the roots, we look forward to the upcoming International Podcast Day on September 30-and the international celebration of the power of podcasting.”

The message was sent by Steve and Dave Lee, founders of International Podcast Day. Their website is International Podcast

When a beloved event changes or ends, it can be very sad. International Podcasting Day provides podcasters with considerable time to deal with these changes. There will be no official International Podcast Day live broadcast in 2021. This does not mean that individual podcasters or podcasting teams cannot decide to play something on Twitch or YouTube to celebrate the day.

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