SiriusXM agrees with the return of For Colored Nerds

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  • Doctor Death Return in Season 3 August 16 (and already in Wonderery + on Apple Podcasts). Laura Bell returns to the third season of “Dr. Dead”, this time in-depth exploration of the true story of Italian surgeon Paulo Macchiarini. (Interesting-Season of Dr. Death is a separate RSS feed.)
  • The same return, this time in its seventh season, is Overheard on National Geographic podcast. The podcast invites listeners to join real-life adventurers on an audio exploration journey beyond the scope of the magazine to “inspire everyone’s spirit of exploration.”
  • Even podcasts about ophthalmology can cause controversy. Eye Care Insider "Including some comments by ophthalmologists who consider sexism and unworthy of Healio", According to Healio’s Chief Content Officer.
  • Fine print It is a new show that breaks the money myths, trends and traps you need to understand.Hosted by George Kamel, launched this week "How TurboTax messed you up", and "The true cost of credit card rewards".
  • Entering commercial real estate? Excited by the volatility of the yield curve, caps, and swaps? China Resources Venture Capital Market Report and Thirty Capital It’s a new podcast from Thirty Capital, in collaboration with Podmotion.
  • Sir Vince Cable, former British Member of Parliament, Launched its own podcast series. Cable reviews Leading figures in politics and diplomacy will be interviewed.

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