Spreaker Studio is now available for Windows and Mac

Today, we are happy to introduce our latest technological milestones, which will give you the opportunity to record and broadcast live in a more stable environment in a more professional manner.

new Loudspeaker Studio App Available now download On Windows and Mac. You will have everything you need to broadcast live or record professional podcasts, using a fine-tuned broadcast studio on the comfort of your PC. In addition, you can easily answer guest calls without any additional configuration.

For those currently using Horn Studio Android version or IOS, Things will look familiar. Let’s dive into all the features provided by the app.

Update: Listen to this 39-minute episode of the Spreaker Live Show and explain all the features of the Mac/Windows desktop version of Spreaker Studio in full audio:

What can you do with Spreaker Studio

When you click “Start”, everything begins. Live offline or record your content, then publish or edit later. Professional Station Plan Of course, users can choose to go online indefinitely.

You can still add songs to the podcast, but the process is now smoother and more intuitive. You have two options: you can create a playlist or add a single track at a time.


If you create a playlist: Under the playlist, click Add track Then add files from your computer to start building the playlist.After adding the required quantity, enable Car DJ Let the songs play in a continuous queue, uninterrupted from beginning to end.
If you choose the track option: To gain more control, choose Tracks. Click the “+” sign in each deck to add audio files or songs. When you enter a new topic or interview, you will be able to fade in and out.

The right side of the console also provides a wealth of sound effects. Click different icons during recording and streaming to add new dynamics to your content. If you want to provide more personalized effects by clicking the “+” sign at the bottom and adding audio files on your computer, you can also upload your own sound effects. By clicking “Edit”, you can delete any unwanted sound effects by clicking the “x” symbol that appears. Then, you will have more room to upload more sounds.


For those who decide to broadcast live, your audience can use the chat box so that you can directly interact with them to accept requests and answer questions in real time.

to chat with

All the comments you get can still be read on the track page of the episode webpage.

Manage drafts and episodes

Every time you play offline, your episode will be saved as a draft, and you can edit and publish it at any time. To access these drafts, click on the audio signal symbol in the left menu.


Double-click the title of the draft to make changes, and drag and drop the image into the graphics box for further customization. You can publish it when you are done, or delete it altogether. To make further modifications, please visit Spreaker’s website and enter the page settings of the published episodes.

Set up your microphone and signal source

Using professional equipment with Spreaker has never been easier.with Horn Studio You can select different input and output sources directly from our console, so you never have to worry about switching your computer’s sound settings or using additional software again.


However, don’t forget to remember the mute and monitor functions. If you want to listen to audio through headphones as a recording or broadcast, make sure to select the monitoring option. If you choose to mute, that particular source will mute your audience. Therefore, even if your playlist is playing, your audience will not be able to hear it. In other words, the monitor button controls what you hear, and the mute button controls what your audience hears.

Use Skype with Spreaker

Want to answer the call during the live broadcast? Whether you are answering a question from an audience or calling a guest or co-host, it can now be done easily with simplified Skype integration.


download Sound flower software(This versionIf you are running OS X El Capitan) If you have a Windows computer, Download VB cable; Set by input and output source in Spreaker Studio. In the preferences of Skype settings, allow Spreaker Studio to connect to your account. After configuring the application, get ready to answer calls easily with good audio quality and zero difficulty! We also provide a simple tutorial in the menu of Spreaker Studio to help guide, just click the Skype icon.

Like you see? Want to try it yourself? Download the speaker studio now And help us spread the news!

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