Sweden ranks first in podcasting

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Listen to make her laugh ——This is a joke to my wife! Thematic monologue for a single audience. Good jokes will make people laugh. What about the bad guys? Transfer in to find out.

Follow Super Awesome Mix Podcast — “I made a mixtape for you”: some of the best words you have heard from people you care about. The weekly episodes have new remixes, guests and the story behind each track. Rediscover the art of mixing tape.

Audio power of the founder of Audioburst — Audioburst founder and CEO Amir Hirsh discussed how to play the role of gasoline in the audio fire in 2020, and “how audio connects people more closely and creates brand affinity.”

“Our only boss is our audience” — Enjoy a sustainable income stream from fans, while fully controlling your shows and audience data. Supercast makes everything simple.

40% off Hindenburg! #International Podcast Day — Hindenburg Journalist PRO: All the tools you need can easily record, edit and publish podcasts without technical hassle. On September 30, 2021, spend more time doing what you like and reduce costs by 40%!

Technical Information

  • Twitter has introduced encrypted tips using the Lightning Network: the same tools used by the Podcasting 2.0 value4value app. The tool uses Strike API. it is "roll out" On iOS, but Strike itself-marketing is "Money knows no borders" -Only available in the United States and El Salvador.
  • Samsung has Updated their RSS specificationThe specification is now v2.0 and includes a small set of supported categories: subcategories will not be used.
  • Podcast hosting company RSS․ com now supports podcast:funding Label. This tag allows the podcaster to add a link to financially support the show, which appears in applications such as Podcast Addict, Podverse, PodcastGuru, PodLP (and our podcast catalog).
  • Benjamin Bellamy talked about podcast:location Label at the Dutch Podcast Festival 2021. This is his slide, Photoshop with at least one Podnews editor.

Tips and tricks

  • here, From Ofcom, the British broadcast regulator, is studying profanity – Classified as "Moderate", "Ease", with "Strong" -And whether everyone knows what they mean. Note: This list contains almost all swear words available. (At least, this may help determine whether the podcast should use the “clear” tag-although if you are reading this list to find out, the answer may be "Yes".)

Podcast News

  • Melbourne Real Housewives’s businesswoman and actor Jackie Gillis launches Light it up Nowadays – Provide inspiration and motivation to live your best life.
  • New news from Wonder Media Network, With her rise A collection of poems from artists from across the United States and territories, depicting the impact of climate change on their families and people.
  • Foundation: Official Podcast It is an accompaniment podcast for original programs from the AppleTV+ Foundation. It was launched on Friday and produced by Pineapple Street Studios of Audacy.
  • Who, when, wow! Launched today-the first Tinkercast program launched in collaboration with Wondery since the collaboration was announced last month. Hosted by Rebecca Shier, the show was originally released in the Wonderry+ app and is a glimpse into the lives of unnamed humans.
  • Podbrod, A podcast about women’s podcasts, Launched the second series last weekNicole Perkins is the first guest; this season will also include Misha Euceph, Noor Tagouri and Avery Trufelman. It is hosted by Alexandra Cole.

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