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  • Investment company Bernstein releases report Questioning Spotify’s podcast investment They call it a “slowing market.” Spotify’s stock price fell 6% on the news.

    • analysis: Bernstein cited Podtrac data as evidence of this “market slowdown”, saying that in June, hearing fell by 16.5% year-on-year.However, Podtrac does not measure Spotify’s podcasts; it’s worth noting that Triton Digital’s latest top ten publishers Podcast report For the United States (measured in May and May), downloads increased by 11.4%. however, Errors in Apple Podcasts May affect the total number of downloads in June.
  • Liam Gerati Has been appointed as an audio content producer Walkie talkie. Liam is a freelance audio producer, creating works for RTÉ Radio in Ireland and producing podcasts for clients such as Intel and A&E Networks.

Thank you to Transmitter media, Recently became our newest supporter. Transmitter Media is a creative podcasting company nominated by Peabody. It specializes in highly edited and beautifully designed works that have affected millions of listeners around the world. We thank them for their support and keep us independent and focused. You can support us here like them.

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Congratulations horn, The audio newspaper of the visual world. A 14-year-old podcast, which was launched in October 2007, will soon reach 500 total episodes-this week it will reach the 200th episode. Without John Oliver, he is too famous and too important to bother to pay attention to it. Now completely independent, the show has been listened to by 150 million people worldwide.


Logout Today is a new product of Lemonada Media. Walter Thompson-Hernández talks to young writers who were previously imprisoned, and their works are read by creators like John Legend.

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Promoting groups can be a minefield, but also a kind of fun. Contributed to this! Launched last month to help those who work with teams and collaborative leaders.

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Psychoactive It is a new show by Ethan Nadelmann, founder of the American Drug Policy Alliance. It promised to gain insights into the strange relationship with the United States and drugs through conversations with scientists, politicians, activists, and celebrities.

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