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  • The British “Financial Times” asked Do you speak podcasts? Outstanding way. Those podcasts. No roll call. Michael Barbaro. be broken. Into short sentences. Emphasize certain points.It also describes The Daily’s "This is what you still need…today" As almost a pantomime. And yes. A good one. read.

Podcast News

  • exist blue lineLimited series WR1 Provided by WynnBet, the legendary NFL wide receiver Cris Carter interviewed the legendary WR location and the next generation of superstars to understand what makes this location so unique because so many personalities and stories come from outside the hashtag. Guests include Julian Edelman, Adam Thielen, Mike Evans, Calvin Johnson, etc.
  • Toronto Random order podcast Signed with Acast. The comedy show of Jae and Trey Richards, they both seem to have a lot of beards, and will celebrate their 100th episode in the next few weeks. The two have also reached 100 million views on YouTube. —— read more
  • this Behind the vinyl podcast Won the Best Podcast Award at the Canadian Broadcasting Awards. It was made by Boom 97.3 in Toronto.
  • Two Australian newspapers “Sydney Morning Herald” and “The Times” have been launched Entrepreneur of the Future, Designed to give listeners an in-depth understanding of leading business acumen and how they perceive the country’s economy and entrepreneurship. It was launched today.
  • Limited capacity It is the first audio novel anthology series of CBC Podcasts. Full of black humor, profound human stories are distorted by imperfect technology (Zoom, YouTube), and bizarre new relationships are shaped by the strange, wired world we live in.
  • Launched by Campside Media and Sony Music Entertainment Overshadowed, A new narrative history podcast that delves into the stories hidden in the shadows of history. Eclipsed, hosted by journalist and executive producer Bijan Stephen, is a show about events that most people have forgotten—or may never even know the beginning—like the disappearing lake in Louisiana, and the two brothers are on precious metals His obsession almost destroyed the global economy, and the three Americans who went to the Moscow Olympics despite Jimmy Carter’s boycott.
  • Today, Slate launches a new season One year -This time the focus is on 1995, the year local terrorists attacked Oklahoma City, this year the country’s technological future began to emerge, when a bilingual pop song took over the nightclub and entered our brains.

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