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  • If you missed the IAB UK Podcast Upfronts, the following is from Fresh air production, Podfront, DAX from all over the world with Acast.

    • For Acast, their UK+ managing director Georgie Holt reiterated Acast’s commitment to open the podcasting ecosystem: “The open model and the whole method first made podcasts so popular: people can listen to them anytime, anywhere on any platform they want. This It’s the best way for podcasters and advertisers to reach the most listeners without excluding any potential markets.”
  • Cool things today: French podcast host Audiomeans published Podcast City, A fictional city of 486 podcasts. (There is a Blog post here Provide more information. ) There are also outdoor cafes, medieval old towns, business districts and parks. The only thing that makes it truly authentic is a dazzlingly expensive milk cafe provided by a waiter who doesn’t like you and wants you to leave.

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    • Liz Ales Has been announced as the director and executive producer of the American ABC News podcast. She has led the podcast team for six months and joined ABC News in 2015.
    • Samia Adams Already launched Howard House, A company specializing in production project management and operation consulting. She has worked at Gilded Audio and Pinna.

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    The new features of iHeartRadio are Real-time crime, Presented by “Top Club Creator Leah Lamarr” and TV personality Teddi Mellencamp. These two people will work with investigative professionals to help the audience understand what a high-profile case is.
    Object: The story of design and craftsmanship

    Object: The story of design and craftsmanship Launched today, talk to seven master craftsmen in the fields of ceramics, jewelry, textiles and metals in Australia. Why is their job important? How do they move on? What are their suggestions for creative people? Produced by the Australian Design Centre.

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