The new social audio network Jamit will launch a public beta

Curious minds are looking for stories that excite and resonate with them, and now they have new allies in the field of social audio. Jamie.

Known as a podcasting bet, Jamit is a new social audio platform focused on providing true stories to a global audience. The podcasting platform that launched its service in San Francisco, California earlier this year is now ready to be fully launched in Nigeria to expand its business globally. Jamit’s podcasts are produced by creators from different backgrounds and cultures who are willing to speak out and speak on various topics from religion, comedy and love to history, politics, and science.Subscribers can also get exciting, inspiring and thought-provoking themes from Jamit’s original works every week, such as What a joke, Life of witness, Dating sex, Almost legendary, Citizen Z, Cheap talk, Afro Podcast And more.

Over the years, podcasts have gained popularity for their timeless art of storytelling. However, despite the growing popularity of podcasting, the podcasting circle is still dominated by white. In addition, although research shows that the number of black listeners as one of the most popular podcasting platforms has grown, the iTunes top 100 list is still dominated by shows featuring white hosts.

As Jamit is rewriting the podcast’s new narrative, black podcast viewers and black podcast creators are expected to continue to grow. The company’s mission is to support different storytellers by connecting them with enthusiastic audiences, and to make them easier to discover globally, thereby building the future of storytelling.

Software and audio engineers Ike Orizu and Stanley Agbadugo are the masterminds behind Jamit. The two are also the founders of TruSpot, which is the first African music platform to play a huge role in the growth and breakthrough of AfroBeats. When asked about the motivation for creating Jamit, Orizu explained: “I want to expand the diversity of voices on a global scale and increase their representation in social audio and creator economy.”

The Jamit podcasting platform is easy to use. Users can discover audio stories by topic or by entering the user name of the creator. Podcasts can be streamed from your computer, or you can download free apps available in the App Store and Google Playstore. All you need to do is to register and subscribe to your favorite podcast.

Although still in its infancy, Jamit welcomes podcasts from creators around the world who are passionate about telling stories and want to connect with attentive audiences and share their stories.

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