Use Spreaker Podcast Radio for iOS to play favorites

We fully understand the feeling of finding new things favorite podcast.

You see an interesting headline, artwork It looks great, you will think: Of course, I will try to listen! After ten minutes, you are completely fascinated, and everything you need to do is not to overeating once in the entire season.

We fully understand that when you find a new favorite, you want to be able to listen to it at any given moment.That’s why we just launched a new Favorites section, and also Notification about these favorites, to Spreaker podcast broadcast for iOSSo that you can follow them at any time. It is a personalized element of your listening experience and another step to match our iOS experience with currently available experiences Android.

Let’s see how it is done:

Just one tap to add a podcast to the “Favorites” section; whenever you encounter a podcast, just click the star icon on its home view.

Or, if you just wandered through the “Explore” section and found something you like, click the “More” icon (three dots) and select “Favorites”.

All the content you have starred or favorite will appear in the “Favorites” section, and you can access all the content for only a dime.

NoticeAfter you create a “Favorites” section, you will start to receive notifications every time you publish a new episode or live stream from these favorite podcasts. Click the bell icon at the top of the app to get a complete list of these updates, or just rely on nA notification that appears on the lock screen of the phone.

Forget about keywords and searches, with our new favorites section and notifications, you can access your favorite podcasts in a matter of seconds.This is podcast listening tailored for your ears, and there are more from the future Spreaker podcast broadcast for iOS.

Download or update Spreaker podcast broadcast now available for iOS, Let us know what you think of the new features!

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