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You have launched your podcast, gained a large audience, and now you are ready to make a profit. But how can you go from earning a few dollars a month through podcasts to earning full-time income?

Introducing Spreaker’s Prime program, which is one of the only podcast programs that is fully dedicated to supporting the growth of budding content creators by increasing podcast exposure and maximizing monetization.

But how can we help you monetize podcasting?

First, our Spreaker Prime program provides podcasters with all the tools they need to monetize and make money from podcasts, including automatic ad insertion. Before we discuss further, let us explain what this means.

You may have heard these words Programmatic advertising with Dynamic ad insertion As mentioned before, if you still don’t understand what it is, then don’t worry, you are not alone. Dynamic ad insertion refers to the ability to insert ads into your podcast at any cue point in the episode after production. Since ads are not embedded in your podcast, your entire episode catalog can be updated with new ads in real time. This ad delivery system allows you to keep your ads relevant-and attract the right audience based on demographics, equipment and interests-whenever you consume an episode.

Dynamic ad insertion For podcasts, you can insert ads anywhere in the podcast episode-pre-roll (beginning), mid-roll (middle), or post-roll (end). Spreaker uses our adware to make this so easy? Because you can manually select the point where you want to insert ads in an episode, or you can simply click a switch to automatically optimize all ads in a particular episode.

right now Programmatic advertising Refers to the market where podcast advertisements are automatically bought and sold. Since you may not have the time or patience to find all your own sponsors or advertisers, Spreaker does it for you by combining the powerful features of dynamic ad insertion with our built-in programmatic market. Our market is full of advertisers who are ready and willing to automatically place targeted ads on your podcast.

This means that Prime Program podcasters can focus on creating their content, while Spreaker is responsible for monetizing your podcasts. It’s as simple as flipping a switch. Not only that, our advertising fill rate in the United States is close to 100%, and our CPM (cost per thousand people) is very high. How high? Over the past six months, our CPM has averaged $5.

Since the beginning of 2020, our Prime show podcast hosts have earned a total of $1.2 million using programmatic advertising, which does not even include baking or real-time reading.

But that’s not all, the Prime plan also provides free hosting on our publishing platform, which includes advanced analytics, the ability to host multiple shows under one account, and unlimited content archive time. We can even help you market and promote your show on multiple platforms, content review sites, podcast newsletters, etc.

The only thing to note is that podcasts need to be downloaded at least 5,000 times a month.

If you have enough downloads and are interested in learning more, please click Apply Now. If you still need more persuasiveness, here are a few Prime Hosts who talk about their own experience of using Spreaker.

Ayiana Angel of Switch Pivot or Quit Podcast Monetization Recommendation

Emily G Thompson of Morbidology Podcast Monetization Recommendation

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