Vib3s scans podcasts for smart audio checking

Vib3s Is launching its first service Audio quality check for podcastsThis startup was founded in Montbonnot, France earlier this year, with a simple baseline: In addition to content quality, the audio quality of podcasts should be considered a key “make or break” factor when it comes to increasing audiences and When the audience turns into repeat customers.

The first online service provided by Vib3s will prompt podcasters to upload an episode on Vib3s’ website and receive an assessment of the audio quality of the submitted files. Within a few minutes, the system, mixing algorithm and artificial intelligence developed by Vib3s measure multiple audio parameters, and the evaluation results have scores reflecting the overall audio quality of the podcast.

The podcaster receives the evaluation report via email. The service is free, instant, and provides additional suggestions to improve target audio parameters when needed.

The foundation of Vib3s, which combines technical expertise and taste for entrepreneurial adventure, is built on its three patrons: Jérémie Weber CEO, Matthieu Perréard is the newly appointed COO, and Baptiste Vericel is the company’s CTO. Charlotte Lecat is a talented network project manager. This start-up company cooperates with Paris-based IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique, French Public Acoustic Research Laboratory) to promote its technological development and promote services and solutions fully cultivated in France.

The reason for the existence of Vib3s stems from a simple statement: In the early days of podcasting, programs were mainly created by experienced media professionals and journalists who were familiar with the entire process of content production from filming to broadcasting and promotion. Today, this pattern has been transformed into a new generation of podcasts with various backgrounds. For some people, podcasting is a hobby, while for others, podcasting is an additional promotional tool for communication purposes. However, the technical background of these new content creators is sometimes too shallow to handle common professional tools and systems suitable for audio technicians.

Then, industry and audio professionals should weigh the pros and cons and provide user-friendly content creation tools designed for non-professionals, enabling new creators to create without a comprehensive technical background.

This is the basic principle that prompted Vib3s to provide its first audio quality assessment service: simple, user-friendly, and quick results, and it supports podcasts to guide them to better sound.

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