What is the status of the HTTPS feed on the Apple Podcast?

Probably every podcaster knows that at the end of May, Apple stated that they will soon need a secure podcast feed as part of publishing podcasts with them.

This means that podcasters who have already submitted their podcasts to Apple Podcasts need to make sure that they are using a secure podcast feed with an SSL certificate. For those who plan to submit in the future, you need to make sure that you have set it up. If you are not a technical person, this basically means that it is recommended to use a podcast HTTPS RSS feed. The “S” in HTTPS literally stands for “safe”.

What does this mean to you?

We want to make the transition as easy as possible for Spreaker users: In the near future, you will need to ensure that the RSS feed is secure before submitting on the Apple Podcast. This is why we have made an update on our website, which will allow Spreaker users to provide their podcast’s RSS feed directly as HTTPS. Below we will explain how to make changes.

what do I need to do?

For podcasts that have not yet been submitted to Apple Podcasts: You can already get the RSS feed directly from the CMS or the Podcast page on the website because it has been updated. It’s that simple.

For podcasts that have been submitted to Apple Podcasts: Don’t worry for now, the HTTP feed is still working, and we are discussing with Apple to find the best solution for you. We will get in touch with more information about the transition as soon as there is an update.

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