Winners and losers when IP addresses disappear

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  • The IP address is our way of knowing how many people are listening to our podcasts. But Apple’s Private Relay and VPN allow multiple listeners to use the same IP address. So what happens to the podcast when the IP address disappears? In Chartable’s Sounds Profitable this week, Bryan Barletta emphasized who wins and who loses.

  • Earlier today, Acast Release of financial report for the second quarter of 2021 (PPT) (And As a podcast). The company’s sales increased by 130% year-on-year. The total number of listeners increased by 26% from the previous month to 880 million, while the average revenue per listener increased by 86%.

    • CEO Ross Adams emphasized that if Podtrac is used to measure Acast, they will become the third-ranked publisher in the United States and the top-ranked publisher in the world.
    • Chief Financial Officer Emily Villatte highlighted the company’s revenue growth in Europe (174%) and the Americas (65%).
    • The company also discussed the impact of Apple Podcasts download errors on total listening volume. We report in July; They said that although the error has been fixed, the error will also affect the third quarter data; however, it does not affect revenue.
  • A detailed 133-page report containing a lot of data on German podcasts Available now. Spotify is the most commonly used podcast platform for 38.1% of German podcast listeners; YouTube 12.3%; Apple Podcasts only 9.8%. Good tip: It uses QR codes to help readers listen to the programs they are writing.

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