Women’s Podcast Network

  • The podcast host is conducting an investigation Identify the obstacles that podcasters face in the podcasting process. Until Monday, you can also buy brand new microphones and headphones.

  • Spotify is criticized Podcast promoting far-right comedians.

  • Listening strategies, A branded podcast production company, has entered its fifth year and has hired Lucio Mesquita As their editorial and operations director. He joined the BBC and the Guardian media in the Caribbean. The company also has a new website.

  • The world’s third-ranked podcast app, Google Podcast, is getting your updated complete material. “Material You” will become the new style of Android 12 that will be released soon.You need the latest Google app, a Google Pixel phone, and you need to wait for the server-side update, like New UI elements promised in August, We are still waiting, there is no pressure.

  • Google Podcasts also released a new version of the app on iOS. The application has now been updated to v2.0.13, and “includes bug fixes and performance improvements.” Maybe the new user interface is also hidden in it.

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